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Kyoko Reaux News

Kyoko Réaux - Painting EXHIBITION - April 2018

Kyoko Réaux - Painting EXHIBITION - April 2018

Kyoko Reaux - Painting: "A Movement of Silence"

EXHIBITION from Tuesday 3rd April to Saturday 14th April 2018

VERNISSAGE: Tuesday April 3, from 17h30 to 20h

  • Kyoko Reaux - Paintings (website)
  • Jérome Reaux - Metal sculptures (website)

The basis of my work of expression is the Japanese culture of ink painting and indigo dye that I try to add to that touch of elegance that I learned in sewing in Paris or as assistant, designer of JF Crahay High Lanvin.

One day, when my body receives an electric shock, I will return to my adolescence. Suddenly, I was struck by the desire to paint on the walls of my room.

Jérôme REAUX contributed to the metal sculpture.

Kyoko Reaux

Place: Espace Culturel Bertin Poirée


Kyoko Reaux Creations

Tailored Couture Creation

Painting Creation, Art, Sumi-e

Fashion Designer, Artist, Kyoko Reaux

+33 7 68 36 22 96


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