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Kyoko Reaux: Stylist, Designer, Artist

Kyoko Reaux, Fashion Stylist, Artist

Kyoko Reaux, Fashion Stylist, Artist

Fashion: Custom made Couture Creations

Fashion stylist and designer, I draw for you, before you, the garment that suits you perfectly:

  • suit, dress, evening dress, wedding dress, shirt, pants, top...

Art: Painting, Sumi-e

The basis of my work of representation appeals to the Japanese culture of sumi-e painting and indigo dye, to which I try to add this touch of elegance learned as Parisian seamstress and assistant of JF Crahay, designer high fashion at Lanvin.

My desire to paint goes back to my adolescence, when one day my body was crossed by an electric shock. I was suddenly taken by the urge to paint on the walls of my room.



Sakazaki Kyoko (future Kyoko Reaux) was born in Japan, Tokushima.

  • After studying fashion in Tokyo, she worked as a designer for several Japanese brands.
  • In 1995, her meeting with the Grand Couturier Jules-François Crahay, creator of ready-to-wear in Japan from 1975 to 1987, opened the doors of France.
  • 1985-1987, Japan, is assistant designer Haute Couture of Jules-François Crahay for its international fashion shows.
  • 1987-1989, France, assistant designer for a Haute Couture House.
  • 1990-1993, Japan, chief designer of ready-to-wear.
  • In 1995, Kyoko Sakazaki married a French engineer/artist, and became Kyoko Reaux.

Kyoko Reaux lives and works in Paris since then, first in the 16th, then in Boulogne-Billancourt, in his own studio.

SINCE the end of 2016, Kyoko Reaux is installed in Béthune, and regularly travels to Paris.

Kyoko Reaux and J.F. Crahay

Kyoko Reaux and J.F. Crahay

For his collection "Jules-François Crahay" in Japan, Jules-François Crahay needs a Japanese stylist.

He chose Sakazaki Kyoko (future Kyoko Reaux) among more than 3,00 candidates, for the quality of its design and creativity.

They will work for several years, and became friends.

Jules-François Crahay

Jules-François Crahay was born in Liege from industrial father and mother, Frances, who runs a fashion house.

He studied in Paris in the 1930s and then returned to Belgium to work with his mother. He opened his own house in 1951 in Paris with Germaine de Vilmorin.

Hired by Robert Ricci, he joined the Nina Ricci House and remains a decade.

Thereafter, he joined Lanvin for twenty years. His collection of 1964 is also very noticeable.

From 1985 to 1988 presented a collection Jules-François Crahay in Japan under a contract with the company already Itokin manager license of the French brand Courreges in this country.

He obtained during his career, three times the Gold Dice ("the first award of the French fashion") for the creativity of its collections.

Kyoko Reaux Creations

Tailored Couture Creation

Painting Creation, Art, Sumi-e

Fashion Designer, Artist, Kyoko Reaux

+33 7 68 36 22 96


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